Friday, February 02, 2007

Picture fest!

Ring the bell of 2007!!!!
May all your new year resolutions be achieved...
(for once in your lifetime, at least try to fulfill them, people!)

These photos are upon request by an ABC friend of mine currently residing in the ever so beautiful city of Melbourne (bleh!). Sorry guys that I haven't been uploading because Streamyx is horrible and my laptop is down with the flu. So, you probably won't hear anything from me till I am comfortably starting off the new semester in Melbourne. MEanwhile, here's what I have been up to in Malaysia. CheerS~

Dear ABC, enjoy the pics! Signed, FOB xx

With my gal friends at The Curve, KL just hours before 2007 arrived...

Below : Playing tennis with Swee early in the morning...(no one else woke up except Duke cos he lives next to the courts)

Three pairs of twins (so they say....) The two guys are biological twins, the two girls on the right are sisters but me and the other girl, we have no blood relation whatsoever.... Believe it!

Below, pictured with my Melbourne bestie, Sze while shopping in the streets of Bangsar...

Meet Jocelyn, my lookalike and good friend in the car on the way back from KL.

Trying to be kids again to no avail.... Do Re Mi Fa....ohh...where's the So? This was taken while waiting in line for a cable car ride in Kek Lok Si temple.

Below is a great friend and listener...the sweetest ever Cynthia...

On a mission to steal a strawberry (only to be caught red handed by my sis who took this photo)

Last but not least, above is a photo taken with my little cousin, Zoe Yi...isn't she a princess?