Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm on my way to the Lolly Store!

There's a bad thing about the path I take to work. I walk past this lolly store and...70% of the time, I am not able to resist my chocolate temptations. I will just walk right in, and out I come with a bag of chocolates! *sighs* I may feel guilty after eating them, but really, I can NEVER resist chocolates!! Is it a girl thing?...but I do know of some girls who just have zero interest in chocs (They're just SAD). I really think I should walk through some other paths to get to work in the future...but I don't think it's happening in the nearrr future though.

To those of you who are chocolate fanatics and also love peanut butter.....Here is a range of chocolate + peanut butter goodies you should have a go at! The taste of the peanut butter covered in chocs......*yummmmmmm*

Yes...I just couldn't resist the M & M's......

Work has still never changed. I just finished two days in a row of 5pm to 5am shifts. Crazeeee! But yeah, I survived!!!

You know, there's an interesting thing about working in Hawker's. I am able to observed customers from all walks of life. Sometimes, I find it amusing about how different people can be. I saw this couple coming in, and the guy made his way to the opposite side of the table, pulled out the chair for his partner and made sure she was comfortably seated. He only took a seat after helping her take of her jacket and putting her handbag aside. I was like..."Awwwww......" My friend who worked at Hawker's with me that night told me that this couple had been coming in for quite sometime now, and the guy has always been really really sweet to her...Come on lah guys, how many of you actually do that for your partners, huh? HuH?

And.....just as I was admiring that couple, another couple came in. The guy walked in first and pulled out a chair (I was like there aRE some good guys left...) and the girl came in after and sat down. The guy's face had this expression : "Err.....I pulled the seat out for myself." He tapped the girl on her back, gave her a look and went over to sit on the opposite side reluctantly.... My friend, who also saw them, was laughing out loud behind the counter. What a CONTRAST from the previous couple!

So guys.....the next time around....KNOW what to do!


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Of Ban Mee and.....Bang Me?!?!?!

I am soooooo exhausted from working almost every day. Cleaning tables, making drinks (I am now a "pro" Teh Tarik-er), serving people and handling money for hours and hours! My shift on weekends starts at 5pm and ends at 5am....Yup...this Cafe opens till 5am on weekends!

Actually, I wouldn't mind being at Hawker's Cafe because really, I have no where else to spend my time this holidays. BUT, those of you who have done some sort of customer service related jobs would know the frustration you might have faced while trying please weeeeirrrd customers. Customers who enter at about 3am or 4am are very much typical : They all have the same pink blush and can't walk in a straight line. Yup, they all have just been at their favourite club gulping down alcohol. It's NOT easy entertaining these people!

Here's a little moment I had with a drunk guy and his buddies:

Me : Sir, are you ready to order?

Drunk guy : Hmmmm.....*gulps*...I want a "Ban Mee" (to those of you who aren't familiar with asian cuisine...this is simply a kind of dry noodles)

Buddy : Oohhh.... He wants you to bang him!

Me : Er....

Drunk guy : Yes, Bang Me.

Me : Just a Ban MEe, sir?

Drunk guy : HAhaha...YEsss....One BanG ME!

Buddies : Come on, one Bang Me (Ban Mee)...

Me : Err....

Oh well, the conversation went on with me trying to convince his buddies that he wanted a Ban Mee and not a Bang Me? *sighs* YEa...aNd, I later served the BAN MEE to him.

Well, thus it's not always easy to fake a smile all night. Some customers are just out there to get to you. There are some others who would just simply mess up the table, like spilling half the bowl of noodles or congee on the floor with the excuse of being influenced by alcohol. *sheesH* Some can't even make their way out without knocking chairs or tables over.... And all I have to do is continue to SMILE...*Cheeersss*

But, the moment I turn my back to them.....

I wish I could do this.....

before I serve them their food. But nah....I am still sane enough not to do such things


Ok, that's enough about work. I know you guys would probably be bored reading about me at work. Sorry to say, but that's pretty much all that's happening...Hmmm...Well, wait...I still have SOME life outside work......

Seeeee...I still go to movies and have JUMBO popcorns!

(with some girls from Hawkers...together, we take on the customers!!!)

In the cinema...(That's Irawan, a guy also from Hawker's, having a go at our popcorn...a skill he learnt from working in the kitchen...hahaha)

That's it for this entry. Will update you guys more!


Monday, June 19, 2006

Why do guys "shiver" when they pee?

Gloomy day today. One by one, everyone is leaving for home. Cuzzy (real name, Gavin...) left two days ago. This morning, Nicholas and Pearly headed back to Singapore. Hmm...and not long ago, Jason went back to Malaysia. I don't really mind staying here in Melbourne, but...sighs...not seeing those guys for a month seems pretty long!

Yesterday, spent the day shopping with Nic, Mic and Pearly on Chapel Street. *sighs* I spent more money! I guess I really can't resist the temptation of getting something new. Oh well, I shall just comfort myself with the fact that I am working almost everyday and.. I SHOULD be earning faster than I spend, I hope. *grins* Lunch on Chapel Street was at TGI Fridays. Haha... by the way, were you wondering why I had such a title for this entry? Hmmm...well, Nic was adament about the fact that guys shiver due to the fact that we lose heat energy from our bodies while peeing! Pearly and I returned to the table from the washroom at TGI and we put on our jackets because it was cold. Nic went "YEah! Cos you guys just went to lost heat." Pearly and I were laughing out loud thinking it was a joke. was serious. Huh?!?!? I don't think we lose that much heat to feel cold after we pee!!! ...and Nic went on to say, " Why do you think guys shiver when they pee???" Well, you guys have a think about it.

Well, lunch was pretty filling. We went on shopping after. Haha...I bought some accessories, a new cropped jacket and....a long sleeve striped tee! Woo hoo....Shops started to close at 5...Awww... so we headed back to Nic's place. There the guys started to arrange white tiles as entertainment. Darn....I don't understand which part of that is fun! Oh, the game is actually called MAHJONG. Well, I fell asleep at about 6 something at Nic's place and woke up to swearing from the guys and the loud banging of those annoying white tiles. It was 10.30pm!!! Mannnnn....four hours of Mahjong! And they were still playing....... OMG!

Well, "dinner" was at 11 something at Nuttorno's. Yummm...had veal, risotto...and some of Nic's pizza. I am soooo gonna get fat. Especially with the Tim Tam delight cake I had at the end. Only finished dinner at 1 something in the morning. Did I say I am so going to get fat? *sobs*

Was supposed to watch soccer at a pub. But was too smoky and crowded so I headed home. Blah! Oh well, an outline of my day yesterday...I am so gonna miss hanging out with those people. Soon, by next week...I will have pretty much no one to hang out with!!!!

But oh...I still have the Hawker's Gang...which reminds with them in two hours! Yay! But...What should I wear?????? eik!


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Curry puffs here, curry puffs there....curry puffs...EveRywhEre?!?!! back hurts from making curry puffs. Standing up while making loads of curry puffs ain't fun...To those of you who probably doesn't know, I am working in a Malaysian cafe in Chinatown. It's called Hawkers' Cafe. (sheesh I miss true Malaysian hawker food!) Have been working there for the past couple of months. Only on weekends. However, this week, during the holidays, I have been working everyday....yeap...exams ended on Friday and I started working on Saturday, and then Sunday, Monday, Tuesday....Wednesday (today) and I will be working tomorrow and the day after that. I feel like a full time waitress. Oh well, thankfully the people at Hawkers' are really fun to work with. I am thankful that I am working there (in a way!).

Hmmm...I have been thinking about whether I should carry on with blogging. I am not quite sure if my life will be interesting enough for people to read about. Oh well, I will just keep writing for now.....

Met up with the gang for dinner today. Most of them will be back in Malaysia or Singapore by next week and here I'll be, stuck in this cold, dark Melbourne for another....6 weeks of holidays? I want to go home!!!! I guess screaming out loud won't help. I will still be here tomorrow.
Oh well, that's for today.
P.S. Here's an idea of work.....

In Hawkers' kitchen on a quiet night.

(this rarely happens, as I am usually running around with loads of stuff to do....)

Below : "Handsome boy" @ Huat at work...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's the start.

It's a new beginning. This is my newest blog. I was thinking that starting a blog would be a great way to spend my 7 weeks of winter holidays here in Melbourne. To my friends back in Malaysia and to those of you who haven't seen me for quite some time now, hope this blog will give you an insight to my life here in Australia. To those of you with me here in Melbourne, take a glimpse once in awhile although you might already have some idea of what's going on. *gulp*

Well, gotta run off to work now.