Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bleh. Can't think of a title...

The two week break is here. But I guess, it's more like half gone. I can say that all I have been up to is studying in the library, going for work and yeah, I went on an accidental movie and an uncalled-for shopping spree. There's practically nothing to do. No offence to my Melbourne buddies, but I have been practically seeing the same people each day and it does get kinda boring. We all enjoy each other's company but I guess it's Melbourne that has nothing exciting for us to share our time together with.

All I can do now is look forward to the trip to Great Ocean Road (hopefully, there is still one....) and if I am lucky enough, I will be going to the Royal Melbourne Show again this year, as I did the last. I thought the show was worth it last year. I really enjoyed the rides. I guess it helped me to just let myself go, have fun and destress. At this point of time, I reallllllyyy, desperately need some of that. I mean, could life actually get worse? Wondering why I am babbling away? Well, I guess, unlike some of you guys out there, I have yet to reach the point in life where everything makes sense. I am now stuck in the so called transition phase where everything I see in life seems...rather...hmmm..blurry? Oh well, I hope some of the guys would accompany me to the show this year, many of them thought the rides were scary somehow. The girls loved it, as far as I can remember. But oh yea, I think the only girls there last year were me and Sze Lin.

It's not easy studying overseas. Away from home, the support and shelter you once had for like, the past (for me, 17) years of your life. If you're in a foreign land with siblings, half of your misery is taken away. If you're like me, just here on your own and having to depend on friends...All I can say is that, you had better have true friends. I guess many of the rest are enjoying the freedom and life in Melbourne but sometimes, I wished I was back home in Malaysia. In my own house, with my family and my dog, the one and only living thing I truly miss. But then, back home, I will have other things to cope with. Stress from the expectations of family members is the one most common thing teenagers (or those in their 20's i suppose....)might be facing. Not like it's not putting enough pressure on me when I am already 3000 plus miles away from home. When I am actually's worse. So, I don't know...where will I be happier? Melbourne or Malaysia? *whatever*

All I know is, wherever I am now, the only life I am living in is none other than my own. So, it's practically all up to me to make the best of it. But, will I?


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

QUack! QuaCK!!!

GEeezz.....I am wide awake and it's 3am! This is bad. But yeah, was down with fever and having aches all over my body in the afternoon. Thanks to the late night I had preparing my seminar presentation. Got home around 5pm and slept all the way till now!

Good thing my seminar presentation is over. It wasn't that bad except for the fact that I was quacking away...I seriously felt like I sounded like a duck because of my annoying sore throat. But yeah, I was just trying to hold it there everytime I wanted to cough during my presentation. I had a mere 4 minutes to say everything I want (I had lots to say!) and I couldn't really just waste a few seconds coughing, or i'll be practically coughing my marks away.

Just a few more days to my two week break. Not gonna be a honeymooney break though. Have studies to catch up with and finals will be here in just over a month after uni starts. Gawsh!

Well, just to allow you guys a little insight to WHY I fell sick today. I had so much preparations to do for my seminar (speech, visual aids, research...etc...)...And here's one of my art work on Paint which took me forever, for some reason. Maybe it's because the last time I used Paint was when I was 13 and had nothing else better to do (Hmm....Okay....I did use it for the drawing on my previous post...).

So, here....knock yourself out while admiring my masterpiece....

YEs! IT is a skater! Come on, say it looks like one...It does, right??? (This is used for an assessed presentation at university level......nope...not kindergarten)....*sighs*

Here's the other one with arms apart....

I know this one looks wayyyy better, right? Right?!??!?!

Okay, you decide and leave your comments.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Depression, good ol' depression....

My current condition :

The days have been rather depressing for some reason. Maybe it's because I was ill (even when that was for a short period of time). The weather in Melbourne has been rather Crazy for some reason...Once, I was out walking for just a couple of minutes and I have experienced strong winds, the brightly shining sun and yeah....heavy downpours. It's no miracle that I fell sick right after that, huh????

Besides all the crappy weather I had to put up with, my studies are kinda flowing down the ......... I've got no words to describe it so yeah, please guys, do the honours of filling in the blank for me. My study load has also been evidently piling up as I have just simply no motivation to stay on track with anything.

The only good thing is that holidays will be here in a week and yeah, I hope that the 2 week break will actually release me off some depression but sometimes I think holidays can get more depressing as I would then have nothing to do but stay at home and rot.

Oh well, I think it's best for me to go off and prepare for my seminar presentation tomorrow (which I have done nothing about just yet), to save the few percentages for my Physics.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I believe....

Just wanna share my favourite dance video with you guys... Hehehe

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A tribute....

During Biology, my lecturer pin-pointed this quote "Play with it, but treat it with respect." Somehow, the quote did mean a lot to me and it got stuck in my head the whole day after that. The quote was by Steve Irwin. The name did ring a bell while I was in lecture but somehow, I wasn't able to figure out who he was.

When I got home that day, I saw all these turtles on my MSN list with personal messages saying "RIP Steve Irwin." What a coincidence I thought. The guy just died? I soon found out he was the crocodile hunter. Now, that name, the Croc Hunter definitely reminded me about him. Back in Malaysia, I used to watch his shows on Animal Planet.

I did think he was going to die doing his job one day (I know that is a mean thought) or maybe he might lose an arm to the crocs. Well, it was pretty shocking that he did die filming. Well, whether you guys out there like him or not (he did a shoot once with a croc while cradling his then infant child), he is still someone we should all have some respect for. He did introduce us to the world of reptiles and the wilderness like no one else ever did. Without him, we would not have been more acquainted to the world of the crocs, or would we?

My lovely, turtle-filled messenger list.....

Yeah, a little blurry and small, but I bet you could see the green dots.

Somehow, some people beg to differ on the whole turtlish idea.

Don't even ask me who is the great owner of the GOAT. I will keep his identity a secret. Pay some respect to Steve Irwin lah, Keith Pang (woops...) !!!