Monday, April 27, 2009

So much for.......



Yea I kinda promised myself I would actually do as much as I can over the Easter break to keep up with the growing stack of notes I have. But as expected, to not THAT much of a surprise, I failed to keep that promise to myself. *bleargh*

The 2 week Easter break swooshed by, just like that.

I was just starting to get used to the holiday lifestyle:
Waking up when the sun has already risen, and not when it's still DARK, going out for nice breakfasts, and basking in the sun, sipping mocha and catching up with friends.


Now it's back to waking up before the sun rises.

Anyhows, enough with the fretting and the complaining.

About easter break: Supeeeerb. Well deserved too!

The highlight of my break?

Yeaps, it's one of Victoria's Surfing Cities :D Didn't come across way too many surfer dudes, though.

There were 20 over people on the trip, with a 4 (and then 5) car convoy. All packed into a house close enough to the beach. Great place. We had a jacuzzi, a bbq patio, even foosball and air hockey tables!

The girls at the foosball table. :D

The BBQ mess :D

Heading out to conquer the waves!!!!
(or be conquered)

The girls.


A little tired to post up more photos.

Just had pathology test today and had just about 10 hours of sleep in total for the past 2 days.

Funny thing was, I didn't even spend my waking hours studying for the quiz.

With just a few more weeks till exams, the amount of notes I have seems OVERWHELMING.

God, save me.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Easter Break!

Finally, the well deserved two week break is here!


But actually, so what? I need to be spending time studying anyways.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

A bloody butt.

Yes, im the proud owner of the right butt.
WHAT are you thinking?

I was sitting on horse blood while doing some farrier work on a dead horse's limb and ended up with a bloody butt. Yea and so i thought it's okay anyways since I was wearing my overalls.

BUT, as the day went on, and overalls off, I walked around happily.

And then someone approached me, and tapped me over the shoulder. And then my friend whispered to me,", you pants...has blood. you"

And I turned my head around to glance at my butt and to my horror, my jeans has blood on it!!!

So my message is simply : When you see a girl walking around with stains of blood on her pants just at the butt, think again. It might just be HORSE blood Ok!

Well, at least, it was in my case.

Embarrassment. =(
Okay, bloody butts aside, I finally had a WHOLE saturday spent outdoors. :D

Well, I found out that my Pathology quiz was cancelled so I cancelled all studying plans for the weekend. WOOT!

In the morning, I paid respects to a friend's dad. The memorial park was very beautiful.

It was indeed tranquil.
And then I went for a yummy roast duck rice lunch followed by a great Japanese dinner.
(yes I do realised I need to exercise all easter)

The night didn't end there.

We went for Gelati next.

And then a visit to a jazz bar. Coincidentally, met a friend who'll be heading back to Singapore for good.
Awww it's goodbyes!

Well, then we played cards till nearly 2am.


It's been awhile since I enjoyed my weekend.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So tell me, how do you deal with loss?

Sorrowful music?...?!?
Go out and have fun with a bunch of people?
Talk to a friend?
Drown yourself in alcohol?
Thinking happy thoughts?
Don't think?
End your life?

It's hard to deal with when you no longer have your loved one by your side.

More importantly, how do you help someone cope with it?

What can you say?
You can't tell them it's going to be okay when you're not sure it will be.

What can you do?

I'm helpless.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A day with Houdini.

Last Saturday was great. I so needed a day away from everything, away from school! I can't believe we're in Week 5 already and there's already so much to study, I'm drowning. Anyways, we went horse riding last Saturday, rewarding ourselves after completing a month of classes this semester. That's me up there with Houdini. He's a great horse, a tad bit sensitive when it comes to my kicking, doesn't take much for me to make him trot from a walk. I wish I could ride every week :(

A group photo by the beach.
Note the cuteness of the smaller horse.

I was so excited when they allowed us to canter this time. I am better at the trot now compared to the other time I was there. I guess experience is a good thing. At least I am rising to the trot properly now and not bouncing all over the horse.

And so yea, they asked if we wanted to canter and I was thinking, "Yea why not let's do it!"

And the tip the facilitator gave us on cantering?
"Ride as though you're trying to keep a 100 dollar note between your butt and the saddle"

Now, that's helpful. =.=

Didn't happen.
I was about to be thrown off during the canter. Also, I was busy laughing at Daryl who was riding in front of me. It's a funny sight when someone tries to hang on to dear life as a horse canters and gallops away. Especially when you have the rear view of that person. :D It was priceless.

Well, we left the horse riding for lunch at the vineyard. And of course, for sipping pink moscato.

We weren't the only ones who knew how to enjoy life, as you can see...
Don't you wish you lived the life of a cat sometimes?

And then, off we went to Peninsula Hot Springs.
Apparently, the public bath was full till 2 and a half hours later so we went to the beach to kill time.

This is an idea of what we ended up doing.
The view was beauuuuutiful.


And so we headed to the hot springs for a nice dip.

And then ended the night with the best congee for dinner/supper.

What a day.

I wanna live like this foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

NOT happening.

*continues to scramble lecture notes*

Thursday, March 05, 2009

In the name of Surgery.

Mummy dearest will be having a surgery back in Penang.

I certainly hope all goes well and you'll come to visit me here soon!
Missing you already, mum. :(

Well, on the same morning my mum is undergoing surgery,
I will be here at the vet campus doing a surgery practical!

I will be an anaesthetist tomorrow!

Scrubs, check.
Stethoscope, check.
Short nails, check.
Clean shoes? Check.
Scissors, check.
Pen, check.
Pen light??? I don't have one!
Dog lead, I'll get one from the kennel.
A watch with second hand, check.

Ok. I'm ready to go!
(Well, not really... I only have these chunks of notes to read on drugs, anaesthetic equipment, surgery preps....etc.etc...)

Ah, I hope all goes well with the dog.

Wish me luck!


Monday, March 02, 2009

A cat with 27 lives?

Cat shot 27 times - and lives

Ben Blomfield, Monday, March 2, 2009 © The Cairns Post

"THE relentless torture of a pet cat that was shot 27 times at point-blank range in the head and neck with an air rifle has outraged animal welfare authorities."

For the full story, you can go to

Okay, firstly...What's wrong with those people?
The pure cruelty shown to animals these days still leaves me dumbfounded and in total....AMAZEMENT?

Some people just wish to remain oblivious to the fact that animals, like human beings,
have feelings and they deserve to be treated with some respect.

SOME. I'm not even asking for much here.

I am so glad this cat survived and I hope those heartless $%#$! are put behind bars!! ARGH!

It may be a little uplifting that this cat survived the tragic ordeal,
but it breaks my heart totally to see another not as lucky.

Kitten's back broken, stomped on by teenagers

March 02, 2009 11:45am

"POLICE have been shocked by the callous murder of a kitten at Deception Bay north of Brisbane."

"About 10pm yesterday a four-month-old kitten was taken for its owner's property in Airlie Avenue by two youths, aged about 17 and 14."

"Police have alleged one of the youths then used a stick or a branch to hit the cat, breaking its back."

"As it lay crying in a driveway, the other teenager returned and stomped on its head to kill it."

"The animal's body was then thrown into another yard, where it was found by police and the distraught owners last night."

I'm left speechless.

No words can describe my feelings right now.