Monday, March 12, 2007

Vet School, Finally!!!

Well, I'm back in Melbourne for quite sometime now but time seems to pass me by day after day that I didn't actually sit down and take a breather, let alone create a new post.

O week kicked off the very first week I was in Melbourne and I had loads of fun knowing more peeps, touring the safari and visiting the police dog training centre. Here are a few snapshots of O week with the Vet people...
Here I am with Ella....we had a chance to take a photo with a member of the police dog squad and his extremely smart (and way adorable) black Lab.
With the girls and Mr. Hippo at the Weribee Safari.

Messing around with the horn of some animal in the "Safari Bus".

In our cowboy hats....all ready for the Country and Western barn dance out in the open air on the last night of O Week

What is an Aussie party without its boost.....
and heaps of people dancing about in sync...???

This is a few of us resting on hay after hopping and skipping around, trying deperately to keep up with the dance steps...

All in all, O week was fab.

Well, that was O here's a little about how I spent my first CNY away from Malaysia... I spent it working!! I worked at some CNY street festival in Chinatown under the scorching heat of about 36 - 38 degrees Celcius. And worse, we were actually BBQ-ing satay sticks under a tent! But, I guess it was a whole new experience for me...Towards the end, we were shouting out for people to buy food from our stalls at extremely low prices. I was screaming "Chicken rice for just 5 dollarSS!!!! Closing sale!!! Come get your chicken rice!!!!"

A rather new experience for me I suppose. Oh well, I'd better get back to reading anatomy... There's just so much to learn in Vet, you'll die if you don't study every single day. No kidding. Off to grasp the book of Vet Anatomy...LAters, friends!