Sunday, November 19, 2006

Recap and rewinddd....

*snap* *wink* *boo!* do I describe the shortest time frame in words? "CLiCk?" The year went by just like that. It's hard to believe that my first year in Uni has come to an end. It feels a little weird. But then again, I was thinking, the year before went by pretty quick as, heck care....time flies, whether you like it or not!

The main thing is, exams are over. I'm hoping for the very best. I am this ---1mm--- close to getting into Vet Science. All I have to do is pass all my subjects this semester. If I mess up, at this last hurdle, I won't know what I'll do to myself......

Sighs.....well, I felt that it was only appropriate if I did a little recap on my life this year.....

The year started off with me celebrating Chinese New Year....That's my eldest sis on the upmost stair, followed by me in the middle and my little cousin, Zoey on the right (We had to bribe her with a piece of cookie to take this photo)....

I went to Melbourne not long after CNY and then, got a couple more piercings on my ear...

I got a job at Hawkers' Cafe and gratefully enough, got to know a bunch of fun-loving brats there...

I had my 19th birthday with a bunch of...g..uys? Hmm....I swear there were girls there too!!!

I took a couple of unusual photos along Great Ocean Road...I hate to admit this, but yeah, I am the one with the green sling back....I look awkwardly...retarded.

I wore a Leprechaun's hat at the Royal Melbourne Show and took some brilliantly colourful shots...

I watched my friend graduate and then day dreamt about MY graduation...

I drank Bubble Tea every odd day during classes. It helps keep me awake during lectures.

I was made to sacrifice countless living things for the sake of the study of Science. I finally countered my cockro-phobia in this bio prac....( How do you like my drawing? )

I shared muffins with Wei Jin during lunch on 3 occasions...we tried all three kinds of muffins sold. Here's the one with berries (half eaten, from top view). I can't help but thinking it looks like the muffin has two eyes and lipstick on.

I guess that's about all I will include in my recap. Other more recent photos have yet to be uploaded. I guess there's more to tell when I get back to Malaysia in 5 days....Currently, all I have been doing is meet up with friends as much as I can and clean up my tornado swept room before I head back for a looong 3 month break....


Friday, October 13, 2006

Wake me up when November ends....

Well, at least when November ends, I would have finished my exams and be resting on my couch in Malaysia watching Astro. *sighsss* Exams will be here in about...20 days or so and I haven't actually got my engine going. Just handed in my last assignment for this semester today and gosh, it's such a relieve to dump the approximately 10 pages of work into my tutor's pigeon hole.

I really need some form of motivation to actually start studying. Have been slacking off since the second week of the holidays (I actually studied the first week!), and I have yet to do anything. I know I will regret not studying earlier when time passes. I always do. The term "procrastination" isn't really new in my vocab.

I think looking at the calendar today and seeing how close the 7th of Nov is kinda did scare me a little. So, I shall start planning my study timetable today. Hopefully, the thought of failing and not proceeding into 1st year Vet Science will scare me even more. I just hope that I will get really horrified of the exams soon enough and study extremely hard for the remaining 20 days, because if I don' well, I don't want to discuss what will happen after. But for now, I'm still pretty relaxed.

Now for some random happenings... A couple of days ago, I played Twister on one of Uni's lawns with a couple of friends. Pretty interesting. Here's us in action.... It was utterly ridiculous as we were twisting our bodies all over in front of countless other students. Nevertheless, it was stupidly, fun.

I've also kinda highlighted my hair (I guess you can't see it in the photo) and got a few curls just for a few hours...

I dissected an earthworm. I had to take a picture of this as I felt left out not having a pic of my rat. Everyone seemed to have a photo of their rat. I simply forgot to take one. So here's wormy from my bio practical (cut opened and pinned down by me!) =)

Well, hope . . . . you've

enjoyed my r and om ness.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Outing 2 : The Royal Melbourne Show

I must say that the day at the Royal Melbourne Show was awesome. I haven't had so much fun for a long while now. I guess every single one of us sort of let our guards down and just went all out to have fun that day. To destress, so to speak. Haha. >.<
Well, we went there at about 1pm because Wei Jin and I had to wait for the guys. I guess they weren't enthusiastic about going in the first place. I guess the twins had trouble getting up and ready that day....Even Michael was late!
We headed to the showgrounds by train and arrived there soon enough. I was actually looking forward to that day simply because I missed theme park rides so much. I was there last year as well and I remembered having so much fun with the rides. As I said in one of my other posts, the girls seemed to enjoy the rides more than the guys. It was, unfortunately, the same this year. Wei Jin and I had to coax the guys to coming on rides with us. Michael only lasted two rides.
The moment we arrived, I was already looking around for rides with Wei Jin. The guys tried to slow us down. But not long after we got to the Show, we were on our first ride...

Here's the first we took ride which made Michael's stomach turn...
Poor Michael. Haha...But I guess Davies was freaking out the whole time too.
I think the main reason we had so much fun that day was also because of the ridiculous hats we were wearing. Each of us bought one for 5 bucks. At first, we agreed to wear them only for a photo....Somehow, we ended up wearing them throughout the day.( I think we just enjoyed the attention we had from the public)...*wink* There were countless random people taking our photos that day...Including some professional photographers.

This is us in our ever so striking headdress. The ends of the long arms of the hat had some hard round thingies attached. I whacked several passers by with them without realising it. Well, thanks to Wei Jin for apologising to those people on my behalf. I only knew I was whacking innocent people when she told me. Eikk.

Our shadows....CreepY ?!?

My best meal of the day : Strawberries with Ice cream...Yummmm

And then, there was the whole bucket of fairy floss we had...

We then had our go at some games because I was bugging the guys to get me one of those huge Show soft toys. HAhaha....

This is us playing some water gun game...

Finally...we got Scooby!

Well, we didn't actually win it. I guess the lady was so amazed by our headdress that she gathered us around her and asked, "So, which toy do you want?" Haha...

Wei Jin and I also had these hair wraps done...with strings attached =P

I had much more fun at the Show this year than the last. Did much more stuff this year.

We even wore those hats all the way back to the city.

And, I'd say I love the hats!!!


Outing 1 : The Great Ocean Road

The two week break is over. Back to School for me. *sighs*
Well, I guess it's about time I said something about my little day trip to the Great Ocean Road during the holidays. Went there exactly a week ago but I was too lazy to upload photos and get them from friends so finally, I guess I've got enough now to post some up here.

The trip was pretty tiring...Left the city at about 8.30 am and only got back at about 9.30pm.

The start of the day : Breakfast at some place along the way.

A close up of the sinking marshmallow in my hot choc.

We had several stops along the way including Apollo Bay, Torquay and some other random stops to see the apostles. There were 12 Apostles some time ago, I guess now there's only 11. But we only saw 8 (I think we did) as the other 3 can only be seen on a helicopter. Sad. But I guess seeing one of the apostles were like seeing the rest. They all looked like the regular rock. Only larger. Much much larger.

Two random Apostles.

The other London Bridge you never knew about.

The bus ride was rather bumpy at times and we were just winding all over as the Great Ocean Road is everything but straight. I guess the view was somewhat spectacular and gosh, the beaches were beautiful. Sometimes, I wish I was staying at one of the beach houses. These houses are really amazing (although some of them are standing over a cliff) as they had glass all around instead of walls. Yeah, I pretty much had a perfect view of their bedroom at times, as though their beds were on display. However, I would think that it's nice to wake up to the view of the beach though. How relaxing.

Ahhhhhhhh.......I could almost feel the breeze.

I went there with these bunch of people...Wei Jin, Davies, Michael and Johnathan. I guess we kept each other alive in the bus at times. The journey seemed never ending and we desperately needed each other's support to survive, didn't we, guys? Thus, countless photos were produced in the bus, like these ones....

Michael promoting our snacks...

Just us...(with Johnathan trying to look less normal...hehehe)

Davies and his new found love : Fries. He had trouble parting with the empty box later on. Trust me.

Well, we did have some photos taken outside the bus. Here are a few....

On the beach, with arms spread out.

With Dav...

and Wei Jin...

Don't all of us just looove ice creammmm???

Overall, the trip was fulfilling. We were drained by the time we got back to the city but I guess we had a great time together. I suppose. Hehe. Well, at least I did!

Well, up next in my coming post would be on Outing 2 : Royal Melbourne Show.

So, keep a look out!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bleh. Can't think of a title...

The two week break is here. But I guess, it's more like half gone. I can say that all I have been up to is studying in the library, going for work and yeah, I went on an accidental movie and an uncalled-for shopping spree. There's practically nothing to do. No offence to my Melbourne buddies, but I have been practically seeing the same people each day and it does get kinda boring. We all enjoy each other's company but I guess it's Melbourne that has nothing exciting for us to share our time together with.

All I can do now is look forward to the trip to Great Ocean Road (hopefully, there is still one....) and if I am lucky enough, I will be going to the Royal Melbourne Show again this year, as I did the last. I thought the show was worth it last year. I really enjoyed the rides. I guess it helped me to just let myself go, have fun and destress. At this point of time, I reallllllyyy, desperately need some of that. I mean, could life actually get worse? Wondering why I am babbling away? Well, I guess, unlike some of you guys out there, I have yet to reach the point in life where everything makes sense. I am now stuck in the so called transition phase where everything I see in life seems...rather...hmmm..blurry? Oh well, I hope some of the guys would accompany me to the show this year, many of them thought the rides were scary somehow. The girls loved it, as far as I can remember. But oh yea, I think the only girls there last year were me and Sze Lin.

It's not easy studying overseas. Away from home, the support and shelter you once had for like, the past (for me, 17) years of your life. If you're in a foreign land with siblings, half of your misery is taken away. If you're like me, just here on your own and having to depend on friends...All I can say is that, you had better have true friends. I guess many of the rest are enjoying the freedom and life in Melbourne but sometimes, I wished I was back home in Malaysia. In my own house, with my family and my dog, the one and only living thing I truly miss. But then, back home, I will have other things to cope with. Stress from the expectations of family members is the one most common thing teenagers (or those in their 20's i suppose....)might be facing. Not like it's not putting enough pressure on me when I am already 3000 plus miles away from home. When I am actually's worse. So, I don't know...where will I be happier? Melbourne or Malaysia? *whatever*

All I know is, wherever I am now, the only life I am living in is none other than my own. So, it's practically all up to me to make the best of it. But, will I?


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

QUack! QuaCK!!!

GEeezz.....I am wide awake and it's 3am! This is bad. But yeah, was down with fever and having aches all over my body in the afternoon. Thanks to the late night I had preparing my seminar presentation. Got home around 5pm and slept all the way till now!

Good thing my seminar presentation is over. It wasn't that bad except for the fact that I was quacking away...I seriously felt like I sounded like a duck because of my annoying sore throat. But yeah, I was just trying to hold it there everytime I wanted to cough during my presentation. I had a mere 4 minutes to say everything I want (I had lots to say!) and I couldn't really just waste a few seconds coughing, or i'll be practically coughing my marks away.

Just a few more days to my two week break. Not gonna be a honeymooney break though. Have studies to catch up with and finals will be here in just over a month after uni starts. Gawsh!

Well, just to allow you guys a little insight to WHY I fell sick today. I had so much preparations to do for my seminar (speech, visual aids, research...etc...)...And here's one of my art work on Paint which took me forever, for some reason. Maybe it's because the last time I used Paint was when I was 13 and had nothing else better to do (Hmm....Okay....I did use it for the drawing on my previous post...).

So, here....knock yourself out while admiring my masterpiece....

YEs! IT is a skater! Come on, say it looks like one...It does, right??? (This is used for an assessed presentation at university level......nope...not kindergarten)....*sighs*

Here's the other one with arms apart....

I know this one looks wayyyy better, right? Right?!??!?!

Okay, you decide and leave your comments.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Depression, good ol' depression....

My current condition :

The days have been rather depressing for some reason. Maybe it's because I was ill (even when that was for a short period of time). The weather in Melbourne has been rather Crazy for some reason...Once, I was out walking for just a couple of minutes and I have experienced strong winds, the brightly shining sun and yeah....heavy downpours. It's no miracle that I fell sick right after that, huh????

Besides all the crappy weather I had to put up with, my studies are kinda flowing down the ......... I've got no words to describe it so yeah, please guys, do the honours of filling in the blank for me. My study load has also been evidently piling up as I have just simply no motivation to stay on track with anything.

The only good thing is that holidays will be here in a week and yeah, I hope that the 2 week break will actually release me off some depression but sometimes I think holidays can get more depressing as I would then have nothing to do but stay at home and rot.

Oh well, I think it's best for me to go off and prepare for my seminar presentation tomorrow (which I have done nothing about just yet), to save the few percentages for my Physics.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I believe....

Just wanna share my favourite dance video with you guys... Hehehe

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A tribute....

During Biology, my lecturer pin-pointed this quote "Play with it, but treat it with respect." Somehow, the quote did mean a lot to me and it got stuck in my head the whole day after that. The quote was by Steve Irwin. The name did ring a bell while I was in lecture but somehow, I wasn't able to figure out who he was.

When I got home that day, I saw all these turtles on my MSN list with personal messages saying "RIP Steve Irwin." What a coincidence I thought. The guy just died? I soon found out he was the crocodile hunter. Now, that name, the Croc Hunter definitely reminded me about him. Back in Malaysia, I used to watch his shows on Animal Planet.

I did think he was going to die doing his job one day (I know that is a mean thought) or maybe he might lose an arm to the crocs. Well, it was pretty shocking that he did die filming. Well, whether you guys out there like him or not (he did a shoot once with a croc while cradling his then infant child), he is still someone we should all have some respect for. He did introduce us to the world of reptiles and the wilderness like no one else ever did. Without him, we would not have been more acquainted to the world of the crocs, or would we?

My lovely, turtle-filled messenger list.....

Yeah, a little blurry and small, but I bet you could see the green dots.

Somehow, some people beg to differ on the whole turtlish idea.

Don't even ask me who is the great owner of the GOAT. I will keep his identity a secret. Pay some respect to Steve Irwin lah, Keith Pang (woops...) !!!


Monday, August 28, 2006


This shot was taken as boredom struck.

This is my left ear now, with two new piercings. I never ever thought I would get more than just two piercings (one on each ear). It was actually a big NO-NO for me sometime ago. But I guess, you can never tell what actually will happen in the future or I suppose, you will never know what kind of person you might change into. I'm not saying I am a totally different person now that I have three piercings just on one ear, but then...I feel that I have somehow evolved.

*sheesh* Well, my point here is, some people change with time and I guess it scares me sometimes. I see the eyes of a stranger on a familiar face. It's definitely tough to adjust to changes.

Life has been rather monotonous these few days for me. Today I felt as though I have achieved nothing although I went for my tutorial and attended three lectures in a row. I think this is the time in life where I seem to just keep doing the things I am supposed to do but I have no idea why I'm doing it. I have lost my drive. I don't really feel that I need to accomplish anything. Sometimes, I don't even know why I should wake up in the mornings. Why can't I just lay there?
Perhaps I am sinking into depression. Perhaps I am facing too many problems that I just can't get myself to face it. Perhaps I need time alone. Perhaps I am just too tired of faking. Perhaps all I want is to show my true feelings and not hide them behind closed doors.
Perhaps I am heartbroken.

Walking home on a quiet street.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Life with or without decisions?

I feel like I have too few hours in a day. Why? Well, take for example my day yesterday. I had a lecture from 9 am to 10am. Then a 3-hour Chemistry practical from 10 am to 1pm. At 1pm, I had to finish up an assignment in the library (I had to gobble up a sandwhich, standing because I had no time to sit) and then I had another two lectures from 2.15-4.15 pm. After that, just when I thought I had some time to sleep, I was WRONG! After reaching home, I had hardly an hour before I needed to head out to Uni again to watch the Chinese Musical Group's production. It lasted for more than two hours and ended at 10pm or so. Then, I went for dinner (because I was starving) and ended up having about 45 minutes after dinner to relax with my friends before I went to work at 12am to 5.30am! *pheewwww*

Well, if I have so few hours...why am I wasting my time blogging? Come on, give me a break. I want to have at least SOME time to be able to do the things I want to do. I am thinking of quitting my job. But, I am going to miss earning! *sighs* dilemmas.... I don't want to quit because I love the little envelope of money I get every Monday but at the same time, I know if I don't stop working, I won't have time for my studies. I guess earning ain't everything for me now, it's studies, huh?

I guess it's a part of life to make decisions. Somehow, we sometimes regret the decisions we make but we have to live with it for the rest of our lives. How are we to forgive ourselves then? Ok, probably I'm getting too deep in this whole decision thing. But there were some problems (which I do NOT wish to address here) which have been spinning my head around, and I can't seem to solve them as I am too afraid of the big 'D' word. Yeap...Decisions!

I wish I could be a spectator of life. And not be involved in it, having to make decisions which may change my life in the future. Hmmm...oh wait, is our life a life without decisions? If God has already planned a path for us, then is all decisions made by us arranged by him before hand? Can I really just relax and make any decision I want because it is all part of His plan? *faint*

WHaT am I to Do?!?!?!


Monday, August 07, 2006

Blue M&M's...

Nearly a month has passed since my last entry. There HAS been changes since.

1. I've got a new hair cut.....

I have always wanted to go for a more boyish look....but the stylist won't seem to allow me to go for it. This was the shortest it went.

2. My Hawker's buddy, David is no longer working. He's gone back to Malaysia. It's sad....Miss his lame jokes...hehe...

This is the farewell. That's David in Green on the right. Well, we call him by his surname, Chew for obvious reasons. See the guy at the front? He's David too. There WERE more people. Seemed to have vanished from this photo. Somehow.

3. I have new past times...

That's Hubert (my roomie) and I on a day where we tried too hard to entertain ourselves. Yes, I'm in one of his really weird boxers (It's new! He has never worn it! I wouldn't have put it on otherwise!!! kekeke) and sweater. It was all HIS idea! Melbourne can get really boring sometimes.....No kidding.

4. I am officially a year older....(unfortunately, not much wiser)

I turned 19. Feel depressed as I am now in my FINAL teenage year. How can that be? I want to be carefree....I am not ready to take up more responsibilities!!! *sighs*

Well, the only good side of birthdays are the presents and celebration with friends. Here's one really special gift. A whole jug of BLUE M&M's! I have always liked the blue M&M's. Seeing a whole jug of it...........I just love it. Thanks =)

Thank you, my friends for the other pressies. In fact, every single one meant a lot to me.

Those are pretty much the main changes which occured.

Moving on, here is an IMPORTANT reminder to my dear friends: Indulgence kills! But who can resist.....


Or this???

Yes, I have pretty much been indulging in pretty much every sweet looking thing, pretty much too many times then I should be. The result? Looking pretty much the way I don't want to look like. I need a gym! Thank god tennis competitions are starting this week. Need the workout. Badly!

Nineteen and independent.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Freezing temperatures + rain + strong winds

It's winter in Melbourne. All I want to do is just lay in my bed with my fluffy blanket and sleep my days off........

Well, it has been about ten days since my last entry. I have just been sleeping too much the past week. Everytime I am home, I will be too tired to do anything, let alone put up a new post. As usual, I have been working and trying to earn more money. But oh well, earning more money will then lead to.....SHopPinG!!!!!

Spent the day shopping at Chadstone and got just a few stuffs.....A new pair of boots, a sweater, two handbags and a pouch! Well, most of them were on, it's all good! I am still looking forward to pampering myself with part of the money I earned so far. Haha....Next up : A new haircut and dye!

Well, holidays are passing by really quickly. I only have about two weeks left!!! *sighssss* Some of my friends are coming back this weekend and most of them will be back after a week or so. I have been complaining I have too much time to do nothing. But I guess, in the end I was busy with random stuffs. Like the Russell Peters show I watched a few days back. Really love that guy. To those of you who have no idea who he is, look for his video up in You Tube. *grins*

My eyes are shutting and my brain is not really functioning. Guess I am gonna end it here. The extremely cold weather now might be affecting my ability to come up with an interesting post. Sorry guys!


Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's a plane, it's a's a plane LAH!

To tell you the truth, I never liked Superman, even as a kid. But somehow, I thought that watching the movie would be different. I was disappointed. Kudos to the directors for some of the action packed scenes but I see no point in getting all tensed up or anything because I know....yea, yea....Superman will save the day. *bleh*

The movie was draggy as it seemed to be getting nowhere. There were countless scenes with Superman flying in the air (yes, with that Superman theme song or something). His flights in the air lasted for minutes each time. He just keeps flying and flying...and flying. Okay, I know that's what Superman does, but.....yeah, I get the point! There was just something missing in the movie, it didn't manage to capture the audiences (well, at least me...and a couple of people around me in the cinema). My friend couldn't stop moving around in his seat and checking the time on his watch.

If you wanna look at the movie as a chick flick, it's not too bad after all...With Superman and Ms. Lane having some romantic encounters. But...they didn't even kiss at the end of the movie! *sighsssss* Superman just Fliesss away, again!

I guess....this is all the credit Superman will get from me...

I have been on a movie marathon for the past three days...Watched Click, Just My Luck and Superman Returns one night after the other. I have no idea if these movies are already out of date in Malaysia. But yeah, peeps in Malaysia, these are the movies playing here in Melbourne. I can't wait to see Captain Jack soon. Heheheee....

Well, here are a couple of photos illustrating the other "events" in my life.

This one was taken a few days ago at Federation Square with Tiffany.

We were there to watch Australia vs Italy with the Aussie crowd of about...I think 5o thousand. Well, we had to leave at half time because the Aussies were just so tall, we had to tip toe and continuously stretch ourselves vertically to even catch a glimpsed of the screen. Yes, we are, being Asians, vertically challenged. Well, watching the rest of the match with some other Hawker's peeps at a friend's place was way better! We had a couch to sit on and the highlight of the night were the Tim Tams and Pringles. Haha...

Wondering how is work?

It's still going on as usual...........*wink*


Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm on my way to the Lolly Store!

There's a bad thing about the path I take to work. I walk past this lolly store and...70% of the time, I am not able to resist my chocolate temptations. I will just walk right in, and out I come with a bag of chocolates! *sighs* I may feel guilty after eating them, but really, I can NEVER resist chocolates!! Is it a girl thing?...but I do know of some girls who just have zero interest in chocs (They're just SAD). I really think I should walk through some other paths to get to work in the future...but I don't think it's happening in the nearrr future though.

To those of you who are chocolate fanatics and also love peanut butter.....Here is a range of chocolate + peanut butter goodies you should have a go at! The taste of the peanut butter covered in chocs......*yummmmmmm*

Yes...I just couldn't resist the M & M's......

Work has still never changed. I just finished two days in a row of 5pm to 5am shifts. Crazeeee! But yeah, I survived!!!

You know, there's an interesting thing about working in Hawker's. I am able to observed customers from all walks of life. Sometimes, I find it amusing about how different people can be. I saw this couple coming in, and the guy made his way to the opposite side of the table, pulled out the chair for his partner and made sure she was comfortably seated. He only took a seat after helping her take of her jacket and putting her handbag aside. I was like..."Awwwww......" My friend who worked at Hawker's with me that night told me that this couple had been coming in for quite sometime now, and the guy has always been really really sweet to her...Come on lah guys, how many of you actually do that for your partners, huh? HuH?

And.....just as I was admiring that couple, another couple came in. The guy walked in first and pulled out a chair (I was like there aRE some good guys left...) and the girl came in after and sat down. The guy's face had this expression : "Err.....I pulled the seat out for myself." He tapped the girl on her back, gave her a look and went over to sit on the opposite side reluctantly.... My friend, who also saw them, was laughing out loud behind the counter. What a CONTRAST from the previous couple!

So guys.....the next time around....KNOW what to do!