Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Freezing temperatures + rain + strong winds

It's winter in Melbourne. All I want to do is just lay in my bed with my fluffy blanket and sleep my days off........

Well, it has been about ten days since my last entry. I have just been sleeping too much the past week. Everytime I am home, I will be too tired to do anything, let alone put up a new post. As usual, I have been working and trying to earn more money. But oh well, earning more money will then lead to.....SHopPinG!!!!!

Spent the day shopping at Chadstone and got just a few stuffs.....A new pair of boots, a sweater, two handbags and a pouch! Well, most of them were on sale...so, it's all good! I am still looking forward to pampering myself with part of the money I earned so far. Haha....Next up : A new haircut and dye!

Well, holidays are passing by really quickly. I only have about two weeks left!!! *sighssss* Some of my friends are coming back this weekend and most of them will be back after a week or so. I have been complaining I have too much time to do nothing. But I guess, in the end I was busy with random stuffs. Like the Russell Peters show I watched a few days back. Really love that guy. To those of you who have no idea who he is, look for his video up in You Tube. *grins*

My eyes are shutting and my brain is not really functioning. Guess I am gonna end it here. The extremely cold weather now might be affecting my ability to come up with an interesting post. Sorry guys!


Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's a plane, it's a bird...nooo...it's a plane LAH!

To tell you the truth, I never liked Superman, even as a kid. But somehow, I thought that watching the movie would be different. I was disappointed. Kudos to the directors for some of the action packed scenes but I see no point in getting all tensed up or anything because I know....yea, yea....Superman will save the day. *bleh*

The movie was draggy as it seemed to be getting nowhere. There were countless scenes with Superman flying in the air (yes, with that Superman theme song or something). His flights in the air lasted for minutes each time. He just keeps flying and flying...and flying. Okay, I know that's what Superman does, but.....yeah, I get the point! There was just something missing in the movie, it didn't manage to capture the audiences (well, at least me...and a couple of people around me in the cinema). My friend couldn't stop moving around in his seat and checking the time on his watch.

If you wanna look at the movie as a chick flick, it's not too bad after all...With Superman and Ms. Lane having some romantic encounters. But...they didn't even kiss at the end of the movie! *sighsssss* Superman just Fliesss away, again!

I guess....this is all the credit Superman will get from me...

I have been on a movie marathon for the past three days...Watched Click, Just My Luck and Superman Returns one night after the other. I have no idea if these movies are already out of date in Malaysia. But yeah, peeps in Malaysia, these are the movies playing here in Melbourne. I can't wait to see Captain Jack soon. Heheheee....

Well, here are a couple of photos illustrating the other "events" in my life.

This one was taken a few days ago at Federation Square with Tiffany.

We were there to watch Australia vs Italy with the Aussie crowd of about...I think 5o thousand. Well, we had to leave at half time because the Aussies were just so tall, we had to tip toe and continuously stretch ourselves vertically to even catch a glimpsed of the screen. Yes, we are, being Asians, vertically challenged. Well, watching the rest of the match with some other Hawker's peeps at a friend's place was way better! We had a couch to sit on and the highlight of the night were the Tim Tams and Pringles. Haha...

Wondering how is work?

It's still going on as usual...........*wink*