Monday, March 03, 2008

A year gone by....

Yes, I realize that my last post is dated somewhere in April 2007. It's been a year! I am no longer a first year and I am sitting in a NEW room in Melbourne. Many changes occured in my life since that last post. Thinking back to last year, I think I've grown to be wiser...Maybe not that much wiser of a person, but hopefully enough to be 21 years old this year. A challenging year ahead on the academic side of things. But frankly, I'm pretty excited to live out 2008 with a bang. Not my birthday yet...but I've earned a Freedom Key in advance from my Mum...Now, that's something to celebrate about!!!

P.S. I am currently working on horrible Stolen wireless internet. With a laptop that's ready to wipe out everything I've written for this blog so far. So i am not about to take the chances of writing a super long update. Look forward to one soon though! (When I have a PC and my 90 Gb internet going)

Love Love Love