Monday, April 27, 2009

So much for.......



Yea I kinda promised myself I would actually do as much as I can over the Easter break to keep up with the growing stack of notes I have. But as expected, to not THAT much of a surprise, I failed to keep that promise to myself. *bleargh*

The 2 week Easter break swooshed by, just like that.

I was just starting to get used to the holiday lifestyle:
Waking up when the sun has already risen, and not when it's still DARK, going out for nice breakfasts, and basking in the sun, sipping mocha and catching up with friends.


Now it's back to waking up before the sun rises.

Anyhows, enough with the fretting and the complaining.

About easter break: Supeeeerb. Well deserved too!

The highlight of my break?

Yeaps, it's one of Victoria's Surfing Cities :D Didn't come across way too many surfer dudes, though.

There were 20 over people on the trip, with a 4 (and then 5) car convoy. All packed into a house close enough to the beach. Great place. We had a jacuzzi, a bbq patio, even foosball and air hockey tables!

The girls at the foosball table. :D

The BBQ mess :D

Heading out to conquer the waves!!!!
(or be conquered)

The girls.


A little tired to post up more photos.

Just had pathology test today and had just about 10 hours of sleep in total for the past 2 days.

Funny thing was, I didn't even spend my waking hours studying for the quiz.

With just a few more weeks till exams, the amount of notes I have seems OVERWHELMING.

God, save me.


dlt2 said...

so much for.....

keeping a decently updated blog! :P

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