Thursday, March 05, 2009

In the name of Surgery.

Mummy dearest will be having a surgery back in Penang.

I certainly hope all goes well and you'll come to visit me here soon!
Missing you already, mum. :(

Well, on the same morning my mum is undergoing surgery,
I will be here at the vet campus doing a surgery practical!

I will be an anaesthetist tomorrow!

Scrubs, check.
Stethoscope, check.
Short nails, check.
Clean shoes? Check.
Scissors, check.
Pen, check.
Pen light??? I don't have one!
Dog lead, I'll get one from the kennel.
A watch with second hand, check.

Ok. I'm ready to go!
(Well, not really... I only have these chunks of notes to read on drugs, anaesthetic equipment, surgery preps....etc.etc...)

Ah, I hope all goes well with the dog.

Wish me luck!


1 comment:

wantuutri said...

good luck bebeh~!